Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 1 Basic Training

Well the story continues:

Day 1 of actual Basic training has arrived and I was cold missing home and my friends already. What have I done, was going through my head each and every minute. I was feeling out of place and confused at the same time. Things were going to be different. Heck I did not even have mommy to make me my breakfast or wash my clothes. (lol)

Well the drill sergeants picked us up and moved us onto the buses to head to our new home for the next 8 weeks. We go moved and shoved; this resembled herding cattle onto the truck. Everyone had at least 2 bags and was required to run and move onto the buss as fast as we could. All of this was happening while the drill sergeants were yelling and screaming in our ears. Calling us every name in the book. I even remember 1 kid breaking down and starting to cry. When we arrived at our new location it was a building about 4 floors kind of like a hotel look to it with balconies and the stairs on the outside. We got order to grab our bag and hit the pavement.
Upon reaching the pavement we had to dump all of our belonging onto the ground to have them inspected. They went through taking out things we were not allowed to have like tobacco products etc. 1 guy even has a pair of women’s panties. (That was a funny event) Once they were satisfied with checking everything and taking away all electronic devices and alienating us from the outside world. We have 2 minutes to pack it all up and follow him. Or we would get (smoked); I was thinking what in the world that is?
The yelling started again and then a new drill sergeant came running out of the building saying follow me. We grabbed our stuff and started running up floor after floor of this huge building. We started on the north side and ran the 4 flights of stairs then back down the other side around the building and back up the opposite side. This was kind of tiring we had all of our bags in our hands and it was like 4 am. After running the length of the entire building we went to another adjacent building were after running this on also. We started to get assigned our barracks. They were huge bays that slept about 12 people per room 6 bunk beds. The first thought I had was do I want top or bottom bunk. The top would smell the stench of the person from the bottom, while being on bottom bunk would smell the farts from the person up top. I took the top 1.
After dropping off our bags in the room we had to get ready for physical training I swear this went on all day long. Or at least my body felt like it did. Pretty much the entire day was getting yelled at doing a lot of push up’s and sit up’s. We did get to eat but only after doing 100 sit up’s and about 30 minutes of working on our abs. I think they were trying to make sure our bellies hurt so we would not eat so much.

So the journey has begun. I will keep updating this and going through my wonderful events in basic combat training. From my view in 1989.


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  1. Coming from a military family, this all sounds so familiar! Nice post!