Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training Tips

This is going to provide each and every soldier future soldier (Like My son) with some training tips they should comprehend prior to completing any task while in the United States Army. This is to be used as a guide and for no other purpose. These will be my ideas assisted by United States Army Manuals that I have gathered over my almost 20 years of Service.

1. Prepare yourself.
a. Get training guidance from your chain of command on when to train, which soldiers to train, availability of resources, and training site.
b. Get training objectives (task conditions and standards) from the source of which you will be using.
c. Ensure you can do the task. Review the task summary and the references in the reference section. Practice doing the task or, if necessary, have someone train you on the task.
d. Choose a training method. Some tasks provide recommended training methods in which you could use.
e. Prepare a training outline consisting of informal notes on what you want to cover during your training session.
f. Practice your training presentation.
2. Prepare the resources.
a. Obtain the required resources as identified in the conditions statement for each task.
b. Gather the equipment and ensure it is operational.
c. Coordinate for the use of training aids and devices.
d. Prepare the training site using the conditions statement and the evaluation preparation section of the task summary as appropriate.
3. Prepare the soldiers.
a. Tell the soldier what task to do and how well it must be done.
b. Caution soldiers about safety, environment, and security.
c. Provide any necessary training on basic skills that soldiers must have before they can be trained on the task.
d. Pretest each soldier to determine who needs training in what areas by having the soldier perform the task.
4. Train the soldiers who fail the pretest.
a. Demonstrate how to do the task or the specific performance steps to those soldiers who could not perform to standard. Have the soldiers study the appropriate training materials.
b. Have the soldiers practice the task until they can perform to standards.
c. Evaluate each soldier using the evaluation guide.
d. Provide feedback to those soldiers who fail to perform to standard, and have them continue to practice until they can perform to standard.
5. Record your results in your leader book.

If you follow these short and precise steps you will be learning the Army’s training method of Crawl walk run, rinse and repeat. This same format could be used in any organization that has a great demand on teaching and mentoring people to complete a given task.

If this has helped you or you would like to just some feedback please post me a comment, so I can continue to provide you with great information like this.

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