Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Becomming a Man

Well I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a very cold and snowy day in Pennsylvania, we had just had a major snow store and my car (1969 Monte Carlo) had broke down. With this said I had to ride the bus (Uggg). I was dressed in my normal get up of the 80's long hair rock tee shirt and a jean jacket. However I also played football. (lol)

Some punk on the buss said Bittner you don't have the balls to join the service like me, I told him dude shut your trap i got more balls then you will ever have. Now comes the weird part. I got off the buss and within 2 minutes my phone rang (guess who) An Army recruiter. He ask my if I would like to become a mechanic and be in a topical paradise with 20 women for every guy. I said whats the catch he stated well you have to join the Army. O and by the way there is a $ 10k bonus for joining.

Well and from there the rest is history he came over I told my parents to sign the parental consent (I was only 17) and waited Until Aug 1 1989 to start my career.

BTW I dint tell my fiancee until the day I left for training. Kinda harsh huh.

Well stay tuned there is allot more to come in the Pursuit Of Happiness

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  1. My son left for the Navy on Valentines Day in 1985. He was 18 and I watched him on the corner in the rain waiting for his ride. I was bursting with pride and pain. Weird day. I remember it very well.